Meet the Editors


Maddy Dickinson ‘18 is a sophomore from West Hartford CT. She is a Chinese Major with a Linguistics and Education Studies double minor. She speaks Spanish, French and Chinese. Maddy is studying abroad in Kunming, China in the Spring of 2017.

Natalie Figueroa ’18 is from Norfolk, Massachusetts. She is an International and Global Studies major (focusing in Latin America) with a Linguistics Minor. She speaks English, Spanish, and is continuing her studies in Portuguese. She hopes to visit all three major Latin American civilizations before she is 30 (Mayan civilization checked off already).

Maya Reich ’19 is from Brookline, Massachusetts. She is a Computer Science major. She speaks Japanese and spends many summers in Kuwana, Japan visiting family. She hopes to one day live in Japan to further improve her speaking, reading and writing skills.

Fall 2016 Editors

Joy Zhu ’17 is a hermit studying French and German. She likes languages because she likes being told stories.

Bernardo Andrade ‘18 is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A Philosophy major and a Russian Literature enthusiast. Bernardo speaks English, Russian and Latin, as well as his native Portuguese. Having fallen in love with the beauty of the Latin language during his freshman summer, he now cherishes it and hopes to declare a minor in Classics.

Shane Healy ’18 is from West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He is a Japanese Studies major (Linguistics minor), and has studied Spanish as well. He plans on entering the translation field after graduation. Currently, he resides in the Japanese House, and presides over the calligraphy club.

Tamri Matiashvili ’18 is from Tbilisi, Georgia (the Republic of). She plans on either majoring in Economics or having a double major in Econ and Psychology. She speaks Georgian, Russian and English and is now continuing her German studies at Middlebury.

Yingxue Lou (Yuki) ’19 is from Hangzhou, China. Chinese is her native language and she is learning both English and Japanese in Middlebury. She has not decided her major yet but is definitely going to have a Japanese minor.


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