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The deadline for the Fall 2016 issue is Friday, October 28th.

Any forms of expressions and topics are welcome in this multilingual magazine. Our previous issues have featured a poem about the Algerian train, cartoons with Arabic proverbs and commentary on merits of mandatory military service of South Korea. You can explore past copies right here online, as well! Any forms of expressions related to language are welcomed at Translingual.

Whether it be an original piece or a well-known piece, we want it! It doesn’t matter if you are not writing in your native language. It might be the first time for you to write a poem in Chinese or translate something from English to Greek. We very much welcome translation work–this past issue featured Pablo Neruda’s poetry translated into English. We have a group of well-trained editors in many languages to work with you personally to polish your piece until it’s perfect.

We also welcome artwork submissions with a few words of description (photos, drawings, and more).

If you are interested in submitting written work, please attach your piece in both .doc format and .pdf format (especially for languages like Chinese,  Japanese,  Arabic, and Hebrew). You are also welcome to submit original photos to come with your written work.

Please label the title of the document following this format:
last name_language.doc / last name_language.pdf

For artwork submission, please attach the high resolution in .jpg format and a few words of description of your work.

Submit your work to

If you have any more questions concerning submission, you can send them to the same email address, or use the contact form below. We’re always happy to help!

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