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In Middlebury, outside of language classes, we recognize a need on campus for a platform for experimentation, imagination, and expression in different languages. At the same time, we also realize how culture and language are inter-related. With the plethora of of writing and artwork, not only will you find a variety of styles, but also a variety of perspectives. One of my personal visions for Translingual is to be a leading force in breaking cultural stereotypes and highlighting diversity into the campus.


Application Deadline: Friday, September 25th


  •  Editors are responsible for writing one written piece in another language with English translation for each issue (you can also take an already existing piece and translate that into English)
  •  Editors will work with non-editors (students) who submitted their writings to the magazine; this usually includes individual meeting with students and editing their work
  •  Editors are expected to attend bi-weekly meetings (that’s every other week) to eat snacks, hang out with their awesome co-editors, and plan the semester’s issue

 Application Details

Please apply by providing the following information:
  •   Basic Introduction of yourself: (intended) major, class, where you are from
  • Languages you would like to edit: we assume all applicants to be proficient in English, and we are looking for students who have strong commands of other foreign languages!
  •  One paragraph on why you would like to join Translingual
  •  Something new you would like to add to Translingual (either a public activity or a new element for the magazine)
Answer these questions through email (send to, and those who are selected will be notified no later than Monday, September 27thWe know how busy everyone is, so we tried our best to make the process as simple as possible. Thank you so much for your time, and we look forward to your applications!

…ערד מאמע / Mother Earth…

!מאמעס פון מעמא אונדזער,ערד מאמע

בערזעלדער ליבע דער מיט ברוסט ןייד פון

כאמעס און צדיקים,קינדער נערסטו

— ,קעלבער הייליקע און רוצחים נערסטו

     …פיס מיט דיך טרעט  וואס ,עדעי הבריא

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दो ज़माने, एक कप चाय / Two Generations, One Cup Chai

दादाजी और उनके पोते के बीच में वार्तालाप

A Conversation between a Grandfather and his Grandson

“वह थे दिन, जब इस देश की मिटटी
शहीदों की यादों से चमक उठी थी ।
आज कल तोह आग कहाँ ?
दिया भी नहीं जलता । ”
“क्युंकी उस दिये की ज्योती से याद आती है
वीरों की खाक
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Projet de loi : Qu’en penserait Voltaire / Project of the King: What We Think of Voltaire

Un jour, L’Ingénu se trouvait assis à sa table de petit déjeuner, lorsque sa femme, la belle Saint-Yves, lui a apporté le journal.  (Il était très heureux et soulagé que sa belle femme ait recouvert de sa dépression.)  Quand il a vu le titre de l’article  « Vrai combat, idées fausses » sur la première page du journal, et qu’il a lu la première ligne blasphématoire, L’Ingénu a laissé tomber son verre de jus d’orange, et a crié à haute voix.  En voyant la surprise de son mari, la belle Saint-Yves regardait le journal et disait d’une voix banale et indifférente: « Ah, si, j’ai entendu parler de cette nouvelle douloureuse. »

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