hagere by Hewan

ታንጉት ዘነበ ደግፌ / When I was a Little Girl

ታንጉት ዘነበ ደግፌ

ጥቅምት 15/2006

ትውልዴማ ከዛ ነበር ከታች ከገደሉ
ከአረንጓዴው ውበት፣ከተፈትሮው
ከዛፎቹ መሃል ከዎንዙ ከአፋፉ::
ታዲያ ገና ተወልጄ ደንቦሽ ደንቦሽ ዳዴ ከመልመዴ
ከተማ ስለሚሉት አለም ተአምር ሰምቼ
“ከተማ መማር ነው፣ መማርም መለወጥ” ዪሉትን አምኜ
ሄድኩ ከከተማው እንደ ወፍ በርሬ
የትውልዴን ነገር ችላ ዘንጋ አድርጌ።
“የማያውቁት ሃገር አዪናፍቅም” ሲባልማ አውቅ ነበር
መች ትርጉሙ ገባኝና በፊት ልቤ ሳዪደነብር
ታዲያ ጊዜው አልፎ ነገሮችን ማስተዋል ስጀምር
ከጀርባዬ የተውኩት የተፈጥሮ ጸጋ፣ የሰው ደግነት፣
የልጅነት እኔነቴ በህልሜ ሲዟዟር
ተረዳው ጠንቅቄ የከተማን ጉድለት፣ የገጠሩን ማማር::
ምን ዪሉት ከተማ? ምን ይሉት መለዎጥ?
የምን ትምህርት በጎ? የምን ማዎቅ እድገት?
የሰው ልጅ አእምሮን ተፈጥሮን ቀዪሮ
ተራራውን በፎቅ፣ ፈረሱን በመኪና
የጨረቃን ብርሃን በመብራት ቀዪሮ
የነበረን ሰውሮ ያልነበረን ፈጥሮ
ደስታን በሃዘን ሰላምን በስቃይ
ጦርነትን ከግፍ ጭካኔን ኣብዝቶ
እኛኑ ሲገርፈን ሰላማችን ገፎ
“ምቾት” እንላለን ዪህን የከተማ ሂዎት
እራስ ወዳድነት ችግር የበዛበት።
እኮ! ከተማውም በዝቶ ኖዋሪዉ ሲንጋጋ
በቁጥራችን ብዛት ልክ ተንኮላችን በዝቶ እራስ ከራሳችን በነገር ሲአዋጋ
ዘመኑስ “ለውጥ” ነው መች ያልጠፋ አለና
እንኳንስ ተፈጥሮው አረንጓደዴው ምድር፣ በgreed በተንኮል በምኞት ተውጠን
እኛውም ጠፍተናልና ከማንነታችን “አሜን ተመስገንን” ሰላምን ዘንግተን።

When I was a little girl, I played with little stones
Sitting in the field among the flowers,
Singing with the birds and talking with the ants.
I would gaze at the mountains rising before me;
I would stare at the trees and the blowing wind;
I would walk into the forest as I danced and sang;
I would smell fresh air and play with flying leaves.
I would feel mesmerized by the sound of raging rivers;
I would enjoy the beauty of nature–
The blue, the yellow, the red, the brown,
The sparkling sunlight from morning to dusk.
It was beautiful, it was serene,
The natural gift, the purely green.
When I was a little girl,
I only knew the exotic side of mother earth–
The plants, the insects, the animals, the birds;
The beauty of nature, the goodness of humankind.
No curiosity, no need for change;
No want for desire, no room for greed.
People lived as if nature was all that mattered;
As if what nature offered was enough;
As if honesty and kindness, caring and humbleness,
Happiness and thankfulness were the ultimate principles.
But now…
I am no longer a little girl, I have grown.
I no longer live at that place, so well known.
I live in a villa, in a huge city,
I go to school burning with curiosity
About myself, others, and nature;
About what exists and what does not;
About what has been done and what must still come.
I see not mountains but buildings,
I smell not fresh air but poisoned gas,
I see not animals but cars and humans,
I hear few greetings and peaceful words.
But alas, this is the change that we strived for day and night.
We destroyed what existed and we invented what did not.
While trees are gone, rivers have dried;
Global warming and climate change are what remain.
We quarrel over them crazed with stress.
And so we have also changed to the extreme–
Kindness and honesty, humbleness and peace vanish;
We harm one another and yet we fight in the name of peace;
We lie, we deceive, we take and we traumatize;
We discriminate each other based on our differences.
And as the sun rays begin to fade, when all is still, and all is silent,
We even escape from our own shadow, lost in fear and agony.
We’ve destroyed the tranquil nature, altering how life should be.

by Tangut Degfay

Photo Credit: Hewan, “Hagere”


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