Ja duga-duga tren Casa
Xrej men Tunes blad lebḥari, sḥari
Dxel garet Galma mεa leblaṣa
Aw rayeḥ lṣḥayer bladiEssenay derjin ya muyma

Ṣabru li qeblek w raḥ yaṣbru wrak
La yedhmek dehma teḍrbek soḍma
Ma fih w wrah la drakTeḥt elbaruwat teḥt ḥayekhem ycewwru
Ma kefruhumc baṭel εwacer-εwacer hadi
Aw mac γir rjajilhem lithewru
Ani rajεa lṣḥari bladi

-Anis Mebarki



The Casablanca train is approaching slowly
It’s coming from Tunis-with-the-Peninsulas, that arid land
It’s entering Guelma, near the plaza
It’s going to the deserts of my land.Wait for ten minutes, young lady.
People waited before you and will wait after you do.
Or it will hit you shock you traumatize you
You don’t know what’s in it, behind it.Through the window-barriers, behind their masks they wave
They’ll have their revenge for being made to sin on a Friday like this
It’s not just their men that are throbbing, revolting
I’m going back to the deserts of my land.
Duga-duga Algerian Arabic (original) / English

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