Chaos / 混乱

Chaos Chinese (original) / English
什么时候心中的黑暗已经蔓延迷蒙了双眼 遮住了外面的光源什么时候镜子里的我毁了容颜

扭曲了视线 放大了丑陋的缺点

像嗑药后的世界 黑雾弥漫 女妖尖着嗓歌唱

耳朵里的弦 弹奏着魔音 吵得我的灵魂不得安歇

恨不得喝下毒药 然后缩得好小好小 小到能够钻进地缝里

恨不得披上斗篷 然后消失在黑暗里 隐形了就不再害怕流言

我无力与命运抗争 只想剖开胸膛 挖出那颗作乱的心脏

脑子里千丝万缕的电线 好几处打了死结 像那被猫玩耍过后的线球 捆绑了我的快乐 缠住了我的忧愁

最好把那脑子里纷乱的丝线一并挖出来 清空了我的脑子 也清空我的胸腔




Starting from when the darkness in my heart has spread, blinded my eyes and blocked the light coming from the outside.Starting from when the face in the mirror is destroyed,

my vision distorted and the flaws magnified.

My world is doped, filled with black haze and the shrilling voices of succubi1.

The chords in my ears are strummed wildly, flustering my soul.

I’d rather drink the poison and shrink to the size of an ant, so I can hide in the cracks of earth.

I’d rather cover myself with the cloak and vanish into the darkness, as I won’t be afraid of rumors if I am invisible.

I am too feeble to fight against destiny. I just want to cut open my chest and dig out the trouble-making heart.

The wires in my brain are all tangled up, like the ball of wool that has been played by a cat. They tie up my happiness and trap my worries.

If only I can dig out the messy thoughts from my mind, then both my brain and my chest will be empty.

-Wenbo Zhang

1. Succubi are female demons or supernatural beings who appear in dreams.



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